What if you could have a fairy godmother that got you prepped for the ball that is your life?

Two of Christopher Hughes’ favourite things are seeing people change and mixing cocktails. Why not combine both? He has mixed up a potent mix of topics designed to give you more freedom and ease with being who you are and walking through life on this planet. For 10 days he will be dropping a new video daily packed full of tools and processes for you to run with and fabulize your whole world.

What if you could dedicate 10 days to getting out of judgement of you and truly beginning to create your own reality, which INCLUDES liking you and loving your life? Plus, we will teach you the recipe and technique to make 10 different cocktails. How does it get any better than that?

- The Cosmo: Getting Clear on What You Desire
- The Manhattan: Creating Your Life
- The Caipirinha: Actually Liking You
- The Old Fashioned: Goal Setting that Works
- The Pink Fiz: Expanding Your Reach
- The Negroni: Money & Wealth Creation
- The French 75: Bodies
- The Dark and Stormy: Relationships
- The Dirty Martini: Business
- The Affogato: Engaging with the World

Starting August 15th

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