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Call it manifestation if you want, but it's actually our innate ability to instantly actualize. I've started to discover whole new aspects of how this works and what can be available if we are willing to ask with more daring and know that what we want is within us, not outside.

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25th - 26th July
7:00 am AEST
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Meet Christopher Hughes

"When I first heard about Access, I had compiled every reason in the book as to why it was a bunch of garbage."

"It was too expensive, too simplistic, too far fetched, way too weird, and the books had simply too many spelling mistakes for me to take them seriously.

At the same time, I secretly knew that there was something about it that resonated quite deeply with me. Like someone was finally putting in words what I had always known was true. Since then, I have given up fighting the life of ease, started having more fun and have pretty much generated everything I ask for in life. Wanna find out how you could do it too?"