Upcoming Classes with Christopher Hughes

Upcoming Classes

Right Voice For You - Taiwan

8th - 10th December 2023

This 3 day Day Right Voice For You Intensive invites you to step into your gifts, talents, abilities and to truly show up dynamically in front of others.

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Clarity Night Call - Burning Questions

14th December 2023

This month’s Clarity Night is all about YOU. We’re not gonna give you the topic - you need to ask us. What is it you’d really like to know about?

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30 Days Of Energetic Quickies

1st - 30th January 2024

This series will be 30 Days of Energetic Exercises about staying with a commitment to your life and energetically adding to your life every day! For $30.

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In The Beginning - Live & Online

20th - 21st January 2023

A two-day class exploring the truth about sex, sexualness, copulation, sensuality and more.

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How to have Difficult Conversations

2nd - 3rd March 2024

This class will be about learning to express yourself in the situations where you don't think you know how to or think you can.

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